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Colin Reed
Oct 29, 2022
In Support
Hello everyone- I’m looking to purchase the MK3 for my new Creality S1 Pro (I have a large CR-10 S5 and love it also). But before I push the button to purchase I thought I’d have a little look at the software side of things……. so I’ve just loaded my MAC with the latest PrusaSlicer (ive only ever used CURA before) and am totally lost ! Right from the start is asks you what printer(s) you have - none of mine listed so skipped…..then looking around then how do you set it up? Where do you pop the MK3 gcode? - how do you instruct it to change colours (yup I’m English! and in the UK)…… sorry don’t mean to be thick….help!! :/ best regards, Colin.

Colin Reed

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