The following crib notes follow these videos here on our YouTube Channel:

Basic Installation Instructions

1) Print Appropriate Mounts - Check Thingiverse:

2) Attach mount to 3D Chameleon

3) Attach switch mount to printer

4) Attach 3DChameleon to frame

5) Attach switch to switch mount frame

6) Attach 3DChaemeleon Electronics to frame

7) Connect Y adapter to PTFE (trim if necessary)

8) Connect Power To 3DChameleon Electronics

9) Preform any necessary wire management

Validation checkout

1) Press Button for 1 Second to Home 3D Chameleon Selector

2) Press Button for 1/4 Second to advance 3D Chameleon Selector

3) Load filament into T0

4) Repeat #10 3 more times to return to T0

5) Press Button for 6 seconds - no motion should occur

6) Press Button for 5 seconds - filamanet advances

7) Press Button for 3.5 seconds - no motion should occur

8) Press Button for 5 seconds - filamanet retracts

9) Repeat #2 to test each Tool 

Software setup

1) Download PrusaSlicer, Cura or Simplify3D or use the online Kiri:Moto slicer.

2) Duplicate a printer profile that already works great with your printer.

3) Locate exact X/Y for 3D Chameleon Trigger switch.

4) Measure Distance between Extruder and Hotend (Use a piece of filament.)

5) Enter those values into the GCode Generator and Paste Generated GCode into the Tool Change of your slicer.

6) Run Print to Test.