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The following crib notes follow these videos here on our YouTube Channel:


Due to this being a universal design, there isn't a one size fits all set of instructions, however, we strive to simplify the design and guidance to apply to most situations.

There are two basic extruder installations, a direct drive or a Bowden drive, but we treat both identically.  To the 3DChameleon, the distance between the Bowden and the Direct drive is the only difference that needs to be taken into account.

Below are some basic steps you need to follow to successfully install the 3DChameleon onto your printer.

Basic Installation Instructions

1) Select Appropriate Mounts - Check Thingiverse:

2) Attach switch mount to printer - this needs to be in a location that gcode can press it

3) Attach PTFE connector (if necessary) to extruder

3a) Optionally, attach 3DClippy filament cutter

4) Connect Y adapter to PTFE (trim if necessary)

5) Connect Power To 3DChameleon Electronics

6) Preform any necessary wire management

7) Optionally attach 3DChameleon and electronics to printer's frame (not necessary for operation.)



Loading and validation checkout


1) Switch to Mode 3 - press the switch for 10 pulses

until the unit responds with 3 short pulses

2) Press switch and let go after 7 vibrations

2) 3DChameleon will home the selector (and make

a small grinding noise)

3) Insert filaments into slots T1, T2 and T3 until it

reaches 1" before the Y adapter

3) Press switch and let go after 1 vibration. 

4) 3DChameleon will load color 1 for approximatly 10 inches

5) Insert filament into slot T0 until 1" before the Y adapter

6) Cycle through 1, 2, 3 and 4 pulse count switch press to
unload and load the various filaments


Software setup

1) Download PrusaSlicer.

2) Create a printer profile and validate that it works with your printer.

3) Locate exact X/Y/Z position for 3D Chameleon Trigger switch.

4) Time the time it takes to move the filament from the Y adapter to the extruder.

5) Measure Distance between Extruder and Hotend (Use a piece of filament.)

6) Configure Printer Profile to include 4 extruders in a Single Shared Hot End arrangement

7) Enter those 3 values into the Mk3 GCode Generator and Copy/Paste the Generated GCode into the Custom GCode|Tool Change block of your Printer Settings profile.

8) Add 4 identical small objects to the build plate

9) Assign a unique color to each extruder

10) Assign each object to a unique extruder

11) Slice and confirm 4 color show in the sliced view

12) Print it!


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