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  • I only see the Mk4 available, when will the Mk4 Pro be available?
    The Mk4 comes in two versions... the Mk4 and the Mk4 Pro. The Mk4 Pro is not actually a product we sell, but an ecosystem of add-ons that are freely available open source designs that extend the functionality of the Mk4. In addition to some cool new features (like "Select Random Filament" and "High Speed Mode"), the Mk4 firmware brings with it new capabilities to extend the capability of the base system. For example, our initial add-on designs include an OLED display, 3DClippy Automatic Filament Cutter, 4 Filament Runout Failover Sensors, Extruder Motor Position Sensor to enable Automatic Calibration, and a Filament Dry Box with built in Filament Buffer. The Mk4 firmware will be open and extensible with future upgrades as well. All of these add-on devices will not be sold by us, but instead will be provided as a bill of materials, detailed assembly instructions, printable STL files as well as details videos describing their operation and function. We will also include links to where the parts can be easily obtained. These features will be released over the next few months.
  • Will the 3D Chameleon work on my printer?
    Yes. It's designed to be universal (and work with any printer that can handle 1.75 filament), so if your printer is stock and has the ability to use custom tool change gcode, then it should work without issue. Some custom configurations will need slight alterations for the switch or extruder mounting location.
  • What is 3DClippy?
    3DClippy is an open source filament cutter to allow users to avoid the hassle of tip shaping of the filament so that it can be reinserted correctly. The 3DClippy is a guillotine that simply cuts off the tip and leaves it inside the hot end to be purged on the next filament load. It is recommended that you implement the 3DClippy if you want to avoid the difficulties of tip shaping of every filament. We do not offer technical support, nor do we sell, the 3DClippy.
  • What main 3D printer electronics boards do you currently support?
    he 3D Chameleon is universal and works with any printer. No firmware or electrical modifications are necessary. ​
  • What kind of power supply is included?
    The 3DChameleon uses a standard 12v 1amp wall wart power supply with a 2.1mm plug. The unit shipped with the 3DChameleon uses a US plug, however, for areas where this won't work, you can use a universal plug adapter without issue. The provided power supply will work with 100-240 volts @ 50 or 60hz when plugged into the appropriate adapter.
  • Can I go to more than 4 colors?
    Yes, the 3D Chameleon can be combined together to allow up to 32 colors. (Note: this is limited by the current slicers at this time, not a physical limitation of the 3D Chameleon.)
  • I have a direct drive printer, will the 3D Chameleon work on it?
    Yes, you can use the 3D Chameleon to load and unload your existing extruder without issue.
  • Will the 3D Chameleon work on a Delta Printer?
    Yes, you can mount the switch at the top or side of any column or you can optionally use a GPIO pin to communicate with the 3DChameleon's electronics.
  • What slicers does the 3D Chameleon support?
    Currently, we have sample code for PrusaSlicer, Cura, Simplify3D and Grid Space's Kiri:moto for the Mk2 and PrusaSlicer, OrcaSlicer and BambuStudio for the Mk3. You can use our GCode Generator tool (linked above) to generate code for each one and paste it into your working profile. (Kiri:Moto uses the same code as Cura.) We highly recommend PrusaSlicer or Kiri:Moto as they support the most modern multimaterial concepts. (Note: Cura only works well with 2 colors... more than two cause issues with their purge tower strategy, and is not supported at all with the 3D Chameleon Mk3.)
  • What is your warranty?
    We fully warrant your 3D Chameleon for 1 year from the date of purchase. This includes 100% of the parts. If your unit is defective, we will repair/replace it at our discretion.
  • What is your return policy?
    We are committed to your satisfaction. We offer a full 60 day refund/return policy (less PayPal and Shipping fees) on the 3D Chameleon if they're unopened. If they're opened, there is a 20% restocking fee. PayPal and the shipping provider's never refunds their fees... if you purchase a kit from us and then cancel it before we ship, your refund will not include the PayPal transaction fees, which is their policy, and if it has already shipped, it's impossible to recover the shipping fees as well.
  • I'm international, what are the shipping fees?
    USPS charge a flat rate pricing starting at $55.15 for most countries (using USPS Flat Rate International Shipping), however, due to the differences in each country and their associated charges, we might contact you for additional funds for shipping fees. See the USPS Price Group Table here: for more details on your specific country. Due to those differences, we can not collect Customs Fees, Duties, Taxes or VAT, you must arrange payment of those import fees for your own country, if there are any. The Harmony Code for our products are 84779000, which is classified as a 3D printer part. Each country has their own import structure for the various products. If you have questions, use this harmony code to look up your local import laws for the required taxes and fees.
  • What is included in the package?
    The 3D Chameleon Mk3 includes everything necessary to connect the four color 3D Chameleon except any specific custom mounts for your particular printer. You can download custom mounts from Thingiverse or Tinkercad by searching for 3DChameleon (all one word.) Please note, the new Mk3 unit only needs to use two motors to drive four colors... so don't be alarmed when you only find two stepper motors in your package... the single preassembled unit has four filament tubes and can drive any of the four colors loaded into it. See here for how it works:
  • I'm international... my tracking information shows it's stuck in Chicago... can you help?
    The USPS process for international shipping is to send it to their Chicago International Distribution hub. From there, it passes through US Customs Export Control... and is then transferred to your local country's Customs Importer. This process does not update the tracking information... however, rest assured, your package is still moving. It can go dark for up to a month in the worst cases, but we've never seen a package not make it through. Normally, this process only takes a few days, but it is totally outside of our control, as well as the Postal Services' control... so contacting them won't help. Once it is handed off to your local postal carrier, it will update the tracking information to it's final destination.
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