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Oct 19, 2022
In Support
Hi everyone, I am trying to install 3dChameleon on my Prusa mini+ but I am running into under extrusion issues. I have not yet tried a multicolor print, as I am unable to print using one color. Sometimes I get a good first layer, but then on the second layer (speed increases), the under extrusion is guaranteed. Things I have already tried : - Selector motor is at 6 O'Clock when in home position - Extruder motor's teethed gears, are in alignment with the 608 bearings - Filament is griping on the extruder's motor, to the point I can't pull it out using significant force - Live adjust Z first layer calibration is correct with correct dimensional accuracy of 0.20 mm - PTFE tube inside the hotend replaced with a brand new one, straight from Prusa store - The filament I am using for my setup is Prusament azure blue PLA - PTFE tube from the hotend to the Y adapter, has been flared with a side cutter (pliers), as recommended - PTFE tube lengths are 300 mm and 325 mm, as recommended - Post processing script installed and working - Filament change G-code installed and configured for my PTFE tube length - e-steps changed from the experimental menu, tried the values : 152 (recommended), 203 (my calibration), 325 (default value) - I tried printing using each extruder individually (T0, T1, T2, T3), same under extrusion issue - Tried to shorten the PTFE tube between the hotend and the Y adapter - Increase printing temperature to 220C Printer setup : Stock setup, no mods at all. The printer is original Prusa preassembled, not a clone, with original firmware. I am out of ideas as to what else to try to change or calibrate.


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