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Ty Giles
Nov 18, 2022
In Support
I'm about ready to give up on this thing. I've tried everything that's been suggested in any of the forum posts and more to get it to work. I'm still getting failures to load or unload despite the dang near perfect tip shape and decent tension on the bearings. I've replaced parts on both the printer and the chameleon and still can't get any kind of consistency. For every print that I've had success I've had 10 or more failures at various stages of the print. I'm honestly starting to think that this thing doesn't have any kind of reliability to it. I ordered the mk3 upgrade but I'm honestly doubting that will actually do anything to decrease the chances of failure.
Ty Giles
Nov 14, 2022
In Getting Started
I've tinkered with the code quite a bit and it works pretty well aside from the occasional missed feed. I'm looking for any suggestions and examples of code to really dial it in. Thanks in advance.

Ty Giles

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