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Sep 21, 2021
In Getting Started
Installed a 3D Chameleon on a Creality Ender 3 V2 over the weekend. Having the following issues and would love any help and or wisdom the forum can provide. 1) BLTouch device auto-leveling routine seems to be pushing the 3D Chameleon's activation switch prematurely and for too long causing to timeout. Have tried decreasing the auto-leveling touch points on the BLTouch device but still having 3D Chameleon timeout issues. 2) I have a lot of slack in the PTFE tubing after the Y adaptor and not much between the 3D Chameleon Stepper Motors and the Y adaptor which is different from the installation videos on Youtube. See attached photo. Is this an ok configuration or will it cause issues loading and unloading different filament colors? 3) General filament loading question. Should one filament color be loaded all the way to the extruder at the start of a print or should all filament colors be loaded to the Y adaptor only at the start of a print? Look forward to your responses.
Having trouble with the new 3D Chameleon mk 2 content media


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