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Mar 15, 2022
In Getting Started
MK2 installed on a cr10v3 stock firmware + BLtouch. Physically the install went fine, even tried a normal non multi colored print with the y adaptor attached and everything came out smooth BAU. The G code seems to work, bumping my y switch and cycling through as expected. Couple questions to make sure I'm on the same page; - I couldnt figure out how to add more extruders to my existing cura cr10 profile so i created a new "custom printer" cura profile with 4 extruders and copied over my previous dialed in settings. - to start a new print I do the following, please confirm if this is correct Auto home ensure all 4 colors are up to the y adaptor, except for the starting print color which needs to be at the extruder gear make sure the starting color is not selected by the 3d chameleon, otherwise that would lock up the color i was looking to start the print with, which would not allow the extruder to pull the needed filament. Is the above correct? Is there an easier way to start up prints/how do we know which filament numbers are which? 2 issues i seem to be having; - filament grinding at direct drive extruder (picture attached). I believe this happens when the color changes and it extrudes 112mm (setting i added to your g code generator of the distance between nozzle and extruder gear). Maybe this wouldnt happen if i didnt have filament already past the y adaptor and in the extruder? During the start print sequence the extruder gear just goes crazy fast, i think too fast to properly grip the filament and i believe this is where the grinding happens. - weird printing noises and in general weird printing. Please see the video below, it seems to select the first color, push through 112mm filament blazing fast causing the grinding, then begins the print at various speeds and makes noises i havent heard before and am unsure of where they are coming. The print layer starts fine for maybe 80mm+ then it starts having regimented gaps, then maybe after 300mm of printing the filament stops coming out. Is there any settings i need to change to get this to work, or is it plug and play outside of the tool switch g code you generate? Should i look into e step calibrations as I suspect my direct drive would have to pull harder on filament to get it through the longer chameleon tubes where as it used to be direct drive? Thank you! Nick
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