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Few issues getting started
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Mar 19, 2022
Bill, Appreciate the quick response. I've been working on getting this up and running, making some progress. I've been looking into a BMG style extruder upgrade, from my stock cr10v3 looks to be a bit of an installation, so I'll try it with my current setup first before making the plunge on that. The noise - i noticed the noise came from the chameleon switch i installed on the front of the y axis, the bed would hit the switch then drag across it making the noise. Question - whats the strategy for good chameleon switch placement? on the CR10v3 it uses a homing switches on the back y axis and the left x axis. Do i need to place it as far as possible on the front y axis or right x axis? I guess i need to test if the bed and extruder can move beyond the available print area of the bed to push this chameleon switch, or if i need to adjust the settings in my slicer to essentially trim down the print surface so it can push the chameleon switch without it unintentionally hitting the chameleon switch mid print due to bed placement at the given print point. In your above response you're exactly right "B) and C), as you suspect, are the same things. In our stock gcode, the speed is too fast for BMG and Titan extruders by default... you need to slow them down." Question - specifically what do i need to slow down to assist with this issue? I've been poking around with the gcode, figured you'd know specifically what i should look at. Is it just the code to quickly retract the filament? Any suggested values i should try? All the other issues were software related (unrelated to your gcode or hardware) and i was able to get past them. Appreciate the tips so far. Thanks!
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