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Mar 19, 2022
In Your 3D Chameleon Creations
Not sure what everyone is using to attach their 3D Chameleon to their Prusa MK3S+, I was using an adapter that I saw linked on YouTube on another person's MK3S setup, but it just allowed the Chameleon to just go into the metal adapter, but not screw down or anything. I eventually had issues while still troubleshooting getting this thing working with it popping off. I modified the official one for the MK3 to have room for the filament sensor and room for the side door to open. So, it should allow you to screw it into the top of the carriage without needing to remove the filament sensor board. Hope this helps others. PC4-M10 Adapter for Prusa MK3S+ (for 3D Chameleon) by Kritoke | Download free STL model | PrusaPrinters
Dec 31, 2021
In Support
I am trying to test the stepper motor and switch mechanism before installation. I think the board may be programmed wrong or is acting up. The first extruder does go to the proper one after 1 second. The quarter second holding does switch between them. When doing the five and a half second holding, it reverses itself on any of the extruders on the next switch hold. When doing the three and a half second holding, the motors just make a jamming sound and don't do anything (it's the one on the right where there are no tubes). I suspect something could be reversed or stuck. I have got it to feed correctly randomly twice the correct direction, only in the first extruder, I have been unable to repeat it,


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