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Claude Mitchell
Oct 03, 2022
In Getting Started
If you are interested in using a purge bucket instead of a purge tower on an Ender 3 check out things 5157145, 5159657, and 5008568. I think a purge bucket is much easier and less waste if you are willing to work with the Gcode and firmware. For more info check out all of the comments and replies under each thing including tips for the Gcode and firmware.
Claude Mitchell
Sep 27, 2021
In Getting Started
I have an Ender 3 converted to direct drive and I am confused about whether the 3D Chameleon you have for sale now acts like a free pass thru during active printing with the original extruder doing the work (the 3D Chameleon just handling switching the filaments) or the original extruder is removed and the 3D Chameleon extruder does the all the work. If it will work either way with different Gcodes which way would be better? I am thinking that removing the original extruder would be a cleaner install but I kind of like the direct drive because of less slop in the longer tube(s) without it. Mitch

Claude Mitchell

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