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Chris Bovee
Feb 01, 2022
In Support
So, total noob here; I've got the MK2 installed on my ender3 here. I've set up Cura with a custom printer with 4 extruders using the generated G-code, but when i try to print it seems to try to run the extruder too fast. (extruder skipping, blobbing etc.) I've tried checking the toolchange G-code with pronterface and it seems to load and unload filament okay-ish (Sometimes my extruder is not grabbing the filament, hoping this will be solved with tuning the tip shape. Also the MK2 sometimes doesn't grab the T0 filament properly. I think i have to adjust the cam a little bit) Any tips on where to look in Cura to stop the over extrusion part?

Chris Bovee

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