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Unlock the Spectrum: Explore Multi-Color Printing on Any 3D Printer!

Add 4 Colors to ANY Printer for $179

 Explore the possibilities with the 3D Chameleon Mk4 today!

Since 2018, our goal has been to revolutionize your printing process by allowing you to say goodbye to single-color prints and to achieve your dreams of producing vibrant color prints.

With the 3DChameleon, you can finally explore the freedom of colorful 3D printing without the need to understand complex firmware changes or difficult electronic upgrades.

Introducing the 3DChameleon Mk4 four color changer.  For just $179, you can finally achieve your goals of printing in the vibrant colors of a full color world.

Mk3 users click it here for upgrade info

MK4   Base Kit

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Robert Zanny
Dana Marks
Robert Zanny
Expand Mk4 Pro with these  Open Source Accessories

OLED Display

  • Visual Display of Status

  • On Screen Commands

  • Real Time Visual Feedback

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Filament Runout Sensor

  • Allows up to 4 filament failover

  • Integrates with Klipper / Octoprint

  • Pauses Print on filament break

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Automatic Filament Cutter

  • Eliminate Tip Shaping

  • Fully Automatic

  • Universal Mount

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Extruder Position Sensor

  • Automatic Loading

  • Automatic Calibration

  • Detect Stalled Filaments

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